Mexico earthquake: Tsunami warning as powerful 7.5 quake strikes – 'Very strong'

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The US Tsunami Warning System is also warning of a risk of a tsunami near the coast of Michoacan. In another warning, Earthquake monitor @EQAlerts said on Twitter the quake was “very strong”. 

The earthquake hit around noon on Monday in the state of Michoacan, causing buildings in Mexico City to shake. 

The earthquake struck on the anniversary of two major tremors in 1985 and 2017, seismologists said. 

Local journalist Jared Olson tweeted saying he has seen an elderly woman pass out as the quake hit.

He said: “It was just swinging really hard, glass falling, where I am in Cuauhtehmoc. The only injury I’ve seen is an elderly woman who passed out while people rushed out of buildings Anyone see any damage throughout the city?”

The 2017 quake had an estimated magnitude of 7.1 with an epicenter just 34 miles south of the city of Puebla. 

Thousands of people were killed in the 1985 earthquake and more than 250 people died in the 2017 quake. 

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