Mike Tindall posts second touching tribute to Queen Elizabeth of a crying corgi

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Mr Tindall married the Queen’s granddaughter Zara Phillips in 2011 and took to social media to pay tribute to his wife’s late-grandmother. The former rugby player posted a picture of a sketch of a crying corgi sitting next to the Imperial Crown which has a tennis ball on top.

Mike had previously posted a photo of the Sydney Opera House which had a photograph for the late Monarch projected onto its iconic sails.

The picture was initially posted by The Sydney Morning Herald with the description: “We are well-used to seeing the Sydney Opera House illuminated to mark significant events, but tonight’s image is above and beyond.

“The sails have been illuminated to pay respect to the late Queen Elizabeth II.”

Tributes from the royals online have only been made by King Charles, Prince William, and Prince Harry so far.

It is thought that more statements and tributes will emerge over the next few days leading up to the state funeral.

The sketch was posted on the Instagram account @danielled.art with another sketch of the same corgi having the quote: “Ma’am…you will be truly missed”.

The creator Danielle wrote: “Folks…to say I’m overwhelmed by the response to this little tribute to our faultless Queen would be an understatement.

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Members of the Royal Family have been seen on walkabouts in Balmoral, Windsor and London to read various tributes to Her Majesty.

When previously speaking about the Monarch to The Telegraph, Mike described her as “an amazing woman”.

He said: “I can only say how kind they’ve been to me, and how welcoming they’ve been to me since joining the family. And how they’ve made my family welcome.

“I’ve always felt part of it, and I think that’s down to what an amazing woman the Queen is. They’re a fantastic family.”

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