'Most amazing thing I have viewed in my life!' Meteor spotted shooting across Britain

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The UK Meteor Network has reported that they have received 200 reports about a “fireball” meteor, with reports mostly coming from Scotland but some sightings in England and Ireland as well. People have taken to social media to report sightings of the meteor. 

People across Britain have taken to social media to report a large object in the sky, with witnesses claiming it made a noise that sounded like a bang. 

At 10 pm on Wednesday evening, the UK Meteor Network confirmed the object was a meteor. 

The UK Meteor Network on Twitter said: “We are investigating to ascertain what the object was. meteor or space debris.”

Some witnesses have claimed the object was “so low you could hear it” and other people have reported a loud bang as the meteor flew past. 

One user, Henry_Mack, on Twitter wrote: “Holy moly, I just saw something in the sky while walking home, no idea what it was, silent, fast, bright, moving in a straight line. 

“Definitely not a plane or helicopter. Too low for a shooting star. Too big for a drone.”

The user then went on to include the hashtags “Edinburgh” and “UFO”, but the UK Meteor Network is asking people to exclude the organisation from any supernatural speculation. 

On Twitter, the Network said: ”We appreciate genuine reports and questions but if you are going to tweet about aliens, ufo’s or other nonsense, please do not include us. We are busy dealing with genuine reports.”

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One Twitter user,@DecMoyles, spotted the meteor in Ireland and wrote: “Anyone else just see a bloody meteor go across the sky at about 10’clock in Ireland. Lit up the feckin sky!”

Another user, @teolbni, commented: “Just witnessed a MAGNIFICENT green burning meteor through my window, I swear it is one of the most amazing thing I have viewed in my life.”

Some witnesses have reported the meteor is giving off a bright green light, and one Twitter user, @rosscolquhou, wrote: “It seems like quite a few people have spotted this green meteor flying over Scotland. 

“Meteors that contain iron and nickel can release a green glow at high temperatures.”

On social media, some people have reported the meteor has crashed north of Glasgow and along Scotland’s northwestern coast, but there has been no proof of any impact as of early Thursday morning.

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