Motorist with ‘Big Oaf’ number plate dubbed ‘new Ronnie Pickering’ after 15-minute road rage rant telling coach driver to ‘get a proper job’ and blocking street


A DRIVER with a “Big Oaf” number plate has been dubbed the “new Ronnie Pickering” after telling a coach driver to “get a proper job” during an explosive 15-minute rant.

The un-named VW Arteon driver flew into a rage after finding he couldn’t pass a coach down a narrow road.

Meet the new ‘Ronnie Pickering’, whose outburst left fellow road-users speechless
SWNS:South West News Service
The unnamed VW driver was seen aggressively shouting at the coach driver
SWNS:South West News Service
The stand-off blocked the narrow road in Warrington, Cheshire
SWNS:South West News Service

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Both drivers then refused to to back-down, leading to a five-car queue forming behind them in Warrington, Cheshire.

The driver, whose identity isn’t known, jumped out of his vehicle and launched a volley of abuse through the coach window at the stunned driver.

He can be heard yelling “get a proper job and shut your mouth” to the coach driver and calling him “f*****g scum”.


When the coach driver asks, “why are you being abusive?”, the other man says, “because I can be” before bragging about his “£40,000 car”.

The coach driver, who works for LMTravel, then asks what a proper job is, to which the other man replies “my job”, before saying that he owns his own business.

He then got his camera phone out and took a picture of the bearded coach driver who obligingly gave him both thumbs up.

Bizarrely, the angry motorist was wearing a grey T-Shirt with pictures of two tanks alongside the words ‘Fast and Fuhrerious’, referencing dictator Adolf Hitler, who was known as Germany’s “Fuehrer”.

His outburst was reminiscent of a Hull granddad called Ronnie Pickering, who hit the headlines in 2015 when he became embroiled in his own road rage incident with a motorcyclist.

In the video, Pickering can be heard asking the rider; “Do you know who I am?’ before being asked whom and replying; “I am Ronnie Pickering’ – leading to viral fame and hilarity.

A five-car queue built up behind the fighting duo
SWNS:South West News Service
Some may have been reminded of the original internet road rager – Ronnie Pickering
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This standoff eventually came to an end when the coach driver backed up and makes way for the furious Volkswagen driver, whose personal number plate reads ‘BI8 0AF’.

The three minute and 45 second video was taken by a fellow road-user at around 3pm on Saturday, August 10.

Five cars can be seen queuing behind the coach while the two drivers continued to argue, oblivious of everyone else.

Social media-users have jumped to the defence of the coach driver, whose identity also is not known.

What an absolute sausage just move your car and calm down before your your blood pressure and cholesterol rockets.

Online commentator

Posting on Facebook, Matty Sim wrote: “What an absolute sausage just move your car and calm down before your your blood pressure and cholesterol rockets.”

Daniel Tse added: “Just let the coach driver through!

“Poor guy is just trying to do his job on over crowded roads and much harder to manoeuvre than a quick reverse by the car!”

Lee Marsh, who owns LMTravel, said: “Our driver handled the situation brilliantly, we’re really pleased with the way he dealt with it.

“He was professional despite the behaviour of the other driver.

“Common sense should tell you that the Volkswagen should have backed up and let the coach go.

“He has made himself look like a bit of a fool to be honest.”

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