Mourner can't take hand off Prince William's arm as she comforts royal for minutes

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A woman, in line to enter Westminster Hall to pay tribute to the Queen, was seen touching Prince William’s arm for minutes as he and King Charles met people queuing outside the Hall. As the royal talked to the members of the public, the woman can be seen thanking and smiling at him.

As Prince William and King Charles joined the line of mourners queuing outside Westminster Hall, a woman can be seen caressing the royal’s arm for some minutes.

As he kept greeting the people in the queue, the woman can also be seen smiling at Prince William and using her phone to immortalise the moment by taking a photo of him.

In the walkabout outside the Hall, other members of the public can also be heard saying “thank you” to Prince William and holding his hand.

Prince William can also be heard saying “thank you” back to the mourners in line to pay tribute to the late monarch.

As the walkabout continued, the royal kept greeting the mourners and holding their hands as in sign of gratitude.

A few moments later, Prince William also turned towards another member of the public and, in reference to the long queue, he told mourners “I’m sorry you waited so long”.


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