'Nasty': Outrage as New York Times launches another 'sneering attack' on Queen

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The paper also pointed out a “lack of transparency around the royal family’s finances, including that its members are not subject to inheritance tax.”

Hitting out at the article, Mr Gardiner wrote on Twitter: “The sneering attacks on Britain and the Monarchy from The New York Times and America’s hate-filled woke Left are tedious, nasty and unpleasant.

“They may appeal to a small audience of elite Socialists, but the vast majority of Americans, who love the Queen, will not be impressed.”

The paper faced a wave of backlash after the article was published, with some readers threatening to cancel their $17-a-month subscriptions.

The article follows a previous New York Times opinion piece, published in the wake of the Queen’s death, which accused Her Majesty of helping to “obscure a bloody history of decolonisation whose proportions and legacies have yet to be adequately acknowledged”. 

The piece, written by Maya Jasanoff, a professor of history at Harvard University, went on to reflect on how people “may never learn what the Queen did or didn’t know about the crimes committed in her name”.

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