Newsnight: Britain must ‘take the Labour approach’ to energy crisis before it’s ‘too late’

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Darren Jones, Chair of Energy Select Committee, featured on Newsnight to discuss the Conservative Party’s approach to the energy crisis. The comments come as Labour urge the early return of Parliament to address the energy crisis as the energy regulator OFGEM is expected to announce the new price cap on Friday.

Currently the average household in the UK pays approximately £2,000 per year and this sum is expected to skyrocket to over £3,500.

Further support is being demanded from the Government due to the current support measures including a £400 rebate for all households, not being enough to help families.

Labour announced its emergency energy plan last week which includes freezing gas and electricity prices and keeping the energy price cap at £1,971, where it currently is, until April.

According to Labour such a move would save the average household £1,000 with Keir Starmer saying: “We’ve got to make a choice.

“We can either let oil and gas companies continue to make huge profits that they didn’t expect to make whilst families and millions of people struggle to pay their bills, or we do something about it.”

As the Tory leadership contest continues, Rishi Sunak, Liz Truss and the current Cabinet have been blamed for being “missing in action” by Ed Miliband with Sunak making big U-turns on his energy policy and Truss being reluctant to “bung more money into the system”.

The Shadow Climate Change and Net Zero Secretary said: “We are now less than 24 hours away from the energy price cap rising yet again, but we have heard no serious proposals from the Conservative leadership candidates on how to stop this national emergency.

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He continued: “You have to do that through changing the universal credit system, the pension credit system, trying to get council tax rebates out, trying to get vouchers through the post to different types of bill payers.

“You always miss some people – that’s difficult.

“But the crisis is coming right now. The Government’s not going to be in place until September, we’re going to wait for an emergency budget, if we don’t take the Labour approach when we get back into Parliament in a couple of weeks’ time, it will be too late.”

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