Nick Kyrgios gets US Open umpire to issue smoking warning after 'marijuana' complaints

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An umpire at the US Open was forced to warn the Louis Armstrong Stadium crowd to “refrain from smoking” after Nick Kyrgios complained about “marijuana” in the stands. The 23rd seed was a set up on Benjamin Bonzi and mid-way through the second when he claimed someone was smoking the substance in the stands.

Kyrgios was leading by a set and 4-3 on serve in the second when he began to take aim at the umpire, asking him to issue a warning to the crowd after claiming he had seen and smelt someone “smoking marijuana”. As he retreated to his bench at the change of ends, he swiped: “You don’t even want to remind anyone not to do it?”

After the umpire mistakenly thought the Aussie was complaining about food that smelled, Kyrgios added: “It was f***** marijuana. Obviously I’m not going to be complaining about food stuff. Obviously not.

“Obviously when athletes are running side-to-side and they have asthma already it’s probably not ideal.” The umpire remained quiet for the rest of the changeover, but as Kyrgios and Bonzi returned to the baseline to resume play, he issued a warning to the spectators on Armstrong to remind them of the rules surrounding smoking at the US Open.

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