Nico Rosberg makes awkward confession about Lewis Hamilton 'friendship' ahead of Dutch GP

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Nico Rosberg has admitted he and Lewis Hamilton ‘weren’t best friends” when they were teammates at Mercedes. The former world champion made the admission when weighing up Alpine’s options for next season after losing Fernando Alonso and Oscar Piastri.

Pierre Gasly has been linked with a move to the team to porter Esteban Ocon next season. However, there are suggestions the pair don’t get on with Gasly even admitting the pair have stopped socialising.

But, Nico Rosberg suggested team-mate rivalries were not a problem as he and Hamilton still dominated” when partnered alongside each other.

Speaking to Sky Sports F1, he said: “I think maybe you remember Lewis and I weren’t exactly best friends and yet we were dominating so I think for a team it can still work even if the drivers don’t get on if they are super fast.

“For me, for Alpine, Gasly is the perfect choice. He has been performing so well, I think that would be a really strong lineup for them. Let’s see how much they have to pay Red Bull.”

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“To allow him to have such a loophole in the contract when they have been spending so much money on him in the last years. I mean millions and millions in preparing him for a potential race seat.

“For Oscar, of course, you’re a young driver, if you have an opportunity to race for McLaren and you’re free to do so, you have to take it. Opportunities like that don’t come around all the time. He’s done everything right. It’s Alpine also who are messing about, are they taking Alonso, are they not taking Alonso, so Oscar just went for the opportunity. So I think it’s the right call.”

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