Nicola Sturgeon blow: SNP's Indy plot left in disarray – 'No more talk of referendum'

Nicola Sturgeon has been forced to put her campaign for Scottish independence on the backburner as she insisted she will focus on the coronavirus pandemic instead. The Scottish First Minister vowed to return to pushing for independence once the crisis is over. It comes as support for an independent Scotland has increased.

Speaking on BBC’s Andrew Marr show, Ms Sturgeon said: “At the moment I’m focused 100 percent on tackling COVID and people can agree with that or not agree with it.

“Until we are out of this crisis that is going to continue to be the case.

“I think everybody knows I want Scotland to be indepedent but the scenario you outline there has a lesson in it for my own party.

“At no point during this have I weighted my decisions on a political or constitutional basis.

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“But as you say, a time where I and the SNP have not been talking about independence all the time but getting on with the job of autonomous decision making, support for independence appears to have increased.

“Maybe there’s a bit of a lesson in there about show, not tell.”

Mr Marr asked: “It does sound like no more talk of the next referendum, at least not for the rest of this year.”

The First Minister added: “As long as I need to be focusing on the coronavirus crisis and the economic legacy of that crisis that will have my 100 percent focus.”

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