Novak Djokovic names two reasons he 'respects' Roger Federer ahead of Laver Cup link-up

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Federer will call time on the sport after his doubles match at the Laver Cup. It is widely expected that he will team up with Nadal, his long-term rival. 

The 41-year-old had to seek permission to play in just one match, with Laver Cup competition rules insisting that stars play a singles and a doubles match across the weekend. Federer was asked if he would like to play alongside Nadal. “Of course. No doubt,” he responded.  

He added: “I think it could be quite a unique situation that if it were to happen that for as long as we battled together, having always respect for one another, families, coaching teams, we always got along really well and for us as well to go through the career that we’ve both had to come out the other side and have a nice relationship.”

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