Octopus Energy hands lifeline to thousands of Brits with new tariff to SLASH bills in half

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First launched in 2021, customers in these areas get 100 percent renewable electricity whenever their local turbines – which can power 800 homes – are spinning.

Now, up to 10,000 people have asked Octopus Energy to install a local turbine near their homes so they can have access to cheaper electricity.

Zoisa North-Bond, CEO of Octopus Energy Generation, comments: “We’ve been blown away by the volume of requests and positive sentiment towards our Fan Club, which offers people 100% local green energy at discounted rates.

“Welcoming customers onto our Number 3 Fan in Halifax means more people can benefit from cheap, green energy when it’s abundant locally. This is especially important as people are facing much higher energy bills this winter. 

“But we are not going to stop here – we are working round the clock to add many more wind turbines to our Fan Club model, putting money back into people’s pockets whilst driving renewables at scale.”  

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