Olivia Pratt-Korbel police release new CCTV images in hunt for nine-year-old's killer

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Olivia Pratt-Korbel was killed after a gunman chased another man into her family home in the Dovecot area on August 22. Merseyside Police have released CCTV showing the gunman running from the scene following the tragic shooting that killed the nine-year-old.

At a press conference this afternoon, Detective Chief Superintendent Mark Kameen said: “I’m going to show you some footage of a man that murdered Olivia.

“I’m doing this because people may recognise what he is wearing, it may also help people remember seeing him in the area on the night that Olivia was murdered and thereby help us trace where he is and where he went.

“This shows the gunman running along Finch Lane away from Kingsheath Avenue, which is, of course, where Olivia lived.

“We then see him turn right into Berryford Road and go out of sight.

“We know this man is climbing through gardens and through people’s backyards in order to avoid being identified as well as using the roads.”

It was also revealed that two guns were used in the shooting as Merseyside Police plead with the public to help trace down the gunman. 

Detective Kameen also released footage of a man who was in the area at the time of the shooting who they want to speak to. 

He said: “I’m interested in speaking to him as he may have information that is important to the inquiry by virtue of the fact he was in the area at the right time.”

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Mr Kameen thanked the public for the “huge amount of information” they had provided to police.

He said Olivia’s mother Cheryl was still being treated for her injury and was “incredibly thankful” for the care and compassion from the community.

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