Olivia Pratt-Korbel's heartbroken family remember nine-year-old in pink at funeral

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Olivia is being remembered in a “splash of pink” as her funeral is held at St Margaret Mary’s Church in Knotty Ash.

Mourners attending Oliva Pratt-Korbel’s funeral have been pictured wearing ‘a splash of pink’ as a tribute to the nine-year-old girl. People have also gathered outside of the church on the main road, many of them also wearing pink. The cortege, led by a white horse drawn carriage, has reportedly arrived at the church.

Pupils at St Margaret Mary’s Junior School, next to the church where the service is being held, will also be wearing pink in a tribute to Olivia, said headteacher Rebecca Wilkinson.

She said: “We were mindful of the fact that the children had to take some sort of role today, in spite of the fact that they’re not going to the church.

“The wishes of the family in church were that everyone wear a splash of pink so today in school the children are all wearing a splash of pink.

“We have got pink hearts in the windows facing the main road, we have got pink ribbons on the fence.”

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Each of the 480 pupils will create a flower as part of a memorial to Oliva, school uniform rules have been relaxed so students can wear pink nail polish if they wish.

Ms Wilkinson said: “One of the amazing memories that the class teacher and children shared was one day Olivia came to school wearing pink nail varnish and she spent the whole day hiding her hands so that I wouldn’t see the fact she was wearing pink nail varnish!

“So for that reason, as well as a splash of pink, we have said that the children can wear pink nail varnish today if they so wish.”

Police are continuing to search for the gunman who burst into Olivia’s home chasing convicted burglar Joseph Nee at about 10pm on August 22.

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Olivia died of a gunshot wound to the chest while her mother Cheryl Korbel, 46, was injured. Police have arrested nine people during an investigation into her death, however no charges have been brought.

On Wednesday, founder of charity Crimestoppers Lord Ashcroft offered a £50,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of those responsible for her death.

Lord Ashcroft told the BBC: “We need to catch the cowards responsible. Olivia’s murder has shocked us all, which is why I have made this personal offer to help get justice for Olivia’s family and friends.

“What happened is truly unacceptable and I say to anyone who has information that can help catch the killer to come forward completely anonymously.”

Merseyside Police have continued to urge anyone to come forward with any information about Olivia’s death.

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