‘People will die this winter’ Martin Lewis challenges new Prime Minister on cost of living

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Martin Lewis is a financial journalist who founded the website MoneySavingExpert and also hosts a show of the same name on ITV.

On Wednesday, Mr Lewis invited either Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak onto his show to discuss the cost of living.

On Twitter, Mr Martin wrote: “Dear [Liz Truss]/ [Rishi Sunak], the cost of living crisis has left millions worried how they’ll make ends meet.

I’d like to formally invite you, as the new PM, to join me asap once you take office for a special hour’s [The Martin Lewis Money Show].”

He went on to say the show would be a discussion or a question time to ease people’s concerns.

Mr Lewis recently wrote in his weekly newsletter that UK households will have to pay a £273 annual bill before they’ve even used any electricity or gas due to standards charges.

A standing charge is a fixed cost no matter how much electricity someone might use that covers the cost of supply.

He wrote: “The daily standing charges that you pay just for having a bill rose hugely in April, and increased a touch more this time.

“If you have both gas and electricity, the average price cap standing charge is £273/year before you use owt.”

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Conservative leadership candidate Rishi Sunak has said the Government “must provide some direct support to all” and added that he plans to support boosting insulation and offshore wind to solve the energy bill rises.

Ms Truss has confirmed she will cut National Insurance and green levies on bill payments as part of her plan to solve the cost of living crisis.

A member of the Truss campaign team said: “Liz has been clear we need to lower the burden of taxation and focus on boosting energy supplies and this will be her priority as Prime Minister.

“She’s also been clear further support may be required to help. Her preference is to target this to those most in need, but isn’t ruling anything out.”

Ms Truss has also said she supports exploring more North sea oil and gas as well as supporting fracking in communities that allow it in order as new sources of energy.

The Conservative Party leadership voting election will end tomorrow on September 2 and the new leader will be announced on Monday, September 5.

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