'Petulant Princess!' Meghan Markle hammer blow as US 'beginning to tire' of Duchess

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American writer Tom Leonard said there were “worrying signs” that Americans were “beginning to tire” of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who have been living Stateside since 2020. He even suggested the “woke” magazine, The Cut, which carried out Meghan’s sensational interview at her £11.2million Californian mansion “quietly mocked” the Duchess, whom he dubbed “the ‘Petulant Princess’ of Montecito”.

Mr Leonard more in the Daily Mail: “When the Sussexes fled the horrors of palace life in 2020, it was America – land of the free, home of the brave and the mega-bucks media deal – that welcomed them with open arms.

“Yet just two years on, there are worrying signs that America may be beginning to tire of it all. Worrying, that is, for the Sussexes, who need to keep milking public interest in them if they are to pay for that lavish lifestyle in Montecito.

“Could it be that Americans are waking up to the fact there may be little more to the Sussexes than their seemingly bottomless well of grievance about their treatment in the UK?”

He pointed to the recent front page of the New York Post which carried the headline “Toddler And Tiara: Spoiled princess Meghan STILL whining about Royal Family”.

While the Washington Post told her “to succeed in the media, she needs to leave royal traumas behind”.

Mr Leonard said there was even an “undercurrent disapproval” from Meghan’s interviewer US journalist Allison P. Davis.

He added: “Even more surprising, the interview was, in fact, quite negative about her.

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“The great and good of liberal New York savaged the Duchess in the online comments, in which they dismissed the Sussexes as supremely ‘self-obsessed’ and vapid, while others asked simply: ‘Who cares?’”

This same sentiment was echoed by Royal Family branding expert Cele Otnes who claimed Meghan and Prince Harry were not a priority in the US as Americans are “really tired” of woke conversations.

Ms Otnes, a US professor of marketing specialising in how the Firm brands itself, revealed there is a “certain level of cynicism” among Americans over the actions of the couple.

She said the couple, who sensationally quit the Royal Family to live a life away from the public spotlight, do not have “brand presence” in the US “at all”.

Ms Otnes told Express.co.uk: “I think there is a certain level of cynicism about their actions all kind of relating to create content for their Netflix contracts.

“Harry and Megan fall into the woke category dash and I think a lot of Americans are really tired of conversations in that sphere. Most of us have a lot more to worry about these days.

“Specifically, given the other issues in the world and the US… the hearings about January 6, the economy, COVID.. what Harry and Meghan do does not seem to be a priority among Americans.

“I don’t think they really have that much of a brand presence here at all.”

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