Piers Morgan and Gary Neville make £1,000 bet on Man Utd vs Arsenal after Twitter exchange

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Despite Morgan urging the Gunners to sign Rice before Thursday’s 11.00pm deadline, West Ham boss David Moyes has previously claimed that the 23-year-old would cost a minimum of £150m despite having turned down a new contract at the club. “The first thing to say is that he is not for sale,” Moyes in April.

“If you are interested, well, it will be north of that because £100million was cheap last summer. £150million just now would be minimum but he is not for sale. What I do know is that it means there are only certain clubs that could even consider it.

“I look at what Tottenham did with Harry Kane albeit in a different way. They said ‘No, there is a price and if someone wants to pay the price, then we would probably do it. If they don’t then he’s not going anywhere’, that’s it, they have kept him.”

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