Piers Morgan slams 'disgusting moron' who mocked Royal Family after Queen's passing

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The presenter followed the news over the critical situation of the Queen’s health and, at the time of the announcement of her death, he shared a touching message with his followers. He wrote on Twitter: “BREAKING NEWS: RIP Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 96. The greatest Monarch in history, and the greatest of Britons.”

And continued praising the Queen: “Dignified, humble, wise, stoic, and dedicated to duty & service to the country she loved. Thank you for everything, Ma’am. We will be forever indebted to you.”

But the presenter also proceeded to defend the Queen against voices that sought to criticise the monarch over Britain’s colonial history.

Mr Morgan responded with rage to a tweet which has now been removed by Twitter.

It reportedly read: “I heard the chief monarch of a thieving and raping genocidal empire is finally dying. May her pain be excruciating.”

At the time, the presenter retweeted the post and replied: “You vile disgusting moron.”

The tweet caused a massive backlash with thousands of users joining Mr Morgan in condemning the views.

Mr Morgan didn’t stop there but carried on defending the monarch against voices bringing up Britain’s colonial past on TV.

Bringing up the tweet to his Talk TV show Uncensored, he called like-minded people “clueless cretins”. He said: “But sadly, for all the good things that have been said, there have also been some clueless cretins who, even a moment of shared grief is just an excuse for them to get out there and virtue signal their abuse.

“Some so-called academics in America using this moment to trash the British monarchy and insult the Queen.

“One academic wished Her Majesty a painful death when she heard that she was dying. She teaches people in America.

“This is all based on the idea that she was personally responsible for colonising, even genocide, for the whole British empire.

“First of all, it’s disgustingly disrespectful on a day that so many people are mourning. Secondly, “It’s historically illiterate… Get your facts straight and show some respect.”

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