Premier League All-Star game: Four reasons why Todd Boehly is spot on with radical idea

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Long gone are the days that Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham players can’t sit in the same room together. There is no Patrick Vieira vs Roy Keane rivalry in the modern Premier League. Gareth Southgate’s England side have proven that over the past few years and it’s evident more than ever after every Premier League game how well opposition players get on with one another.

Even if there is some tension between the very best players in the league, who wouldn’t want to see that on a global stage in an All-Star setting? That’s pure box office. Players would arguably be the biggest beneficiaries of all from an All-Star game with a unique chance to 1) prove they are the best player in the league and 2) grow their own fanbase with an abundance of endorsement deals likely being put on the table.

There is the argument of how competitive an All-Star game would actually be and the NBA’s version has often been criticised for a lack of actual defence with players instead opting for crazy dunks and audacious shots from the halfway line. But football in this country is played at such a fast pace with so much on the line every week, footballers and fans may even enjoy a more lighthearted spectacle.

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