President Zelensky involved in car crash – escapes uninjured, says Press Secretary

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The President’s Press Secretary alerted his followers on social media that the Ukrainian President was in a car accident on Wednesday.

According to Sergii Nykyforov, the President was thoroughly examined by an ambulance doctor and no serious injuries were found. 

According to reports, the accident happened in Kyiv between two vehicles and the incident is being investigated.

The President’s safety has been the top priority of Ukrainian officials following the invasion of Russia and the threat of assassins attempting to kill Zelensky.

Mr Nykyforov posted on Facebook: “A car collided with a car of the President of Ukraine and escort cars in Kyiv.

“Medics accompanying the head of state, provided the driver of the Legkovika emergency assistance and passed [to] the ambulance.

“The President was examined by a doctor; no serious damage was detected.”

He added: “All circumstances of the accident will be found out by law enforcement officers.”


The incident happened after the President, 44, went to visit the city of Izyum which was recaptured in Ukraine’s remarkable counter-offensive.

On Wednesday, the President thanked the Ukrainian forces who were part of the counterattack and oversaw a flag-raising ceremony.


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