Prince Andrew 'should be banned’ from wearing military uniform to vigil – YOU VOTED

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Prince Andrew should be banned from wearing his military uniform at the Queen’s final vigil, a new poll of readers has found, as the row over the inclusion of military uniforms for non-working royals intensifies. 

The Duke of York has been granted permission to wear his uniform at his late mother’s final vigil on Friday, as a “special mark of respect”.

As a non-working royal Andrew is banned from wearing military attire on ceremonial occasions.

He was seen at events earlier this week in a suit while his siblings – King Charles III, Princess Anne and Prince Edward – all wore military uniforms.

Andrew was banned from wearing military attire at the St Giles’ Cathedral service in Edinburgh on Monday and the Queen’s coffin procession to Westminster Hall on Wednesday.

He will wear a morning suit to the Queen’s state funeral at Westminster Abbey on Monday, September 19 and the committal service in Windsor.

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On Friday evening the Queen’s children will all dress in military attire to conduct a 15-minute vigil around her coffin.

Prince Harry was told as a non-working royal he was banned from wearing his uniform, but has since been granted permission by the King to wear military dress at Saturday evening’s vigil for the Queen’s grandchildren.

In a poll that ran from 11am on Wednesday, September 14, to 11am on Friday, September, 16, asked readers: “Should Andrew be banned from wearing his military uniform like Harry?”

A total of 11,980 readers responded with the vast majority, 70 percent (8,409 people) answering “yes”, Andrew should be banned from wearing his military uniform.

Meanwhile, 29 percent (3,485 people) said “no” he should not, and a further one percent (83 people)  said they did not know either way.

Andrew was stripped of his honorary titles, military titles, HRH status and royal patronages at the start of this year but retained his military rank.

Other readers commented that the Queen’s wishes should be upheld regarding military uniform.

Username suzi23 said: “If it is the Queen’s wish that Andrew wears the uniform, then I’m with her.”

Username CommentOfTheDay said: “Whatever the Queen wanted to happen should happen.”

Yet username 3downnotout said: “Wearing a suit does not make Andrew any less of a son, father and grandfather.”

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