Princess Anne’s incredible multi-million pound fortune and net worth explored

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Today marks Princess Anne’s 72nd birthday, the second eldest child of Queen Elizabeth II. Like all members of the Royal Family, Anne has acquired an impressive fortune over the years through her familial links. 

However, whilst most active royals rely on stipends from the Queen, Anne has endeavoured to earn her own way in life.

Having been in the public eye since the moment of her birth in 1950, the Princess Royal took on royal duties at the tender age of 18. 

Over the following decades, Anne has earned a reputation for being a charitable royal and is now patron of hundreds of organisations. 

LadBible reports that across her life she has donated almost the equivalent of her current net worth. 

The publication reported she has given away $28million (£23million) to charities while her current net worth is $30million (£24million). 

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Topping these three royals are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who are believed to be worth $60million (£49million) each. 

Far above this is Prince Charles with a staggering $100million (£82million) net worth, ranking him second wealthiest of the royals. 

The Prince of Wales earns income from the Sovereign Grant and the Duchy of Cornwall, as well as inherited property portfolios. 

The Queen herself tops the list with an incredible $600million (£496million) net worth, coming mainly from the Sovereign Grant and Duchy of Lancaster. 

Anne, meanwhile, generates a significant chunk of her own income, although much of this has been acquired through her being a member of the Royal Family.


Her home, Gatcombe Park, was gifted to her as a wedding present from the Queen but the royals do not fund the estate’s maintenance. 

Anne has since turned the 730-acres into a working farm, holding cattle and breeding horses. 

She candidly revealed to Countryfile that the home needs to generate an income as it “is not something that comes free”, noting it “has got to pay its way, otherwise I can’t stay here.”

The estate also hosts multiple events, including the equestrian Festival of British Eventing. 

The Princess Royal is passionate about eventing and was herself once a well-established equestrian. 

During the Seventies the royal won multiple medals at international events and competed in the 1976 Olympics. 

Although she did not manage to bring home a medal from Montreal, Anne was the very first royal family member to compete in the games. 

She has smashed many royal records throughout her life, including her first marriage to Mark Phillips who did not have any royal lineage, defying expectations of royal marriage at the time. 

The couple had two children, Peter, 44, and Zara, 41, and Princess Anne refused to give them royal titles. 

This move enabled the children to have more normal childhoods, and Zara has since praised the decision by noting she was “lucky” to not be given a title. 

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