Princess Diana’s ‘armour’ wardrobe made her an icon of 20th century glamour

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In 1981, when the late-princess got married to Prince Charles, she claimed she had just “one long dress, one silk shirt and one smart pair of shoes” in her wardrobe. However, by the time Diana passed away, she had become one of the most photographed women with a range of outfits.

The Telegraph fashion director, Bethan Holt told the publication: “Her [Elizabeth and David Emanuel] wedding gown was the ultimate example of Diana living out the dreams of millions of girls.

“All that tulle, and the absurdly long train were everything that comes to mind when we conjure a vision of the perfect princess.”

In 1980, Diana (with engagement to Charles imminent) began working with the now late Anna Harvey, a British stylist who would later become an editorial director at Conde Nast.

Over the years, Harvey helped the princess with every aspect of her style, whether it was outfits for foreign tours and royal engagements or pieces to wear in her private life.

At first, the two women played it safe and, conveniently, the princess style tastes chimed with the New Romantic trends of the time: frothy, frilly dresses, ruffled blouses and diaphanous skirts.

Ms Holt said: “There was this veneer of idyllic femininity in all her outfits.

“Of course we now know that those clothes were a mask for the trouble behind closed doors rather than a way of communicating what was happening and how she really felt.”

It was only in March 1983, when Charles and Diana went on their infamous tour of Australia, that Harvey helped Diana show a bolder side.

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