Princess Diana’s influence will impact monarchy until Prince George is king

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Despite it being the 25th anniversary of the Princess of Wales’ death, her legacy continues to have an impact on the Royal Family. The ‘people’s princess’ continues to make headlines across the world on a regular basis and now there are two new documentaries about Diana’s life.

Diana’s two sons Princes William and Harry have both continued her legacy in some way and have made key decisions, including naming their children to honour their mother.

Now it has emerged that staff at the Palace fully expect the late-princess’ legacy to continue for a further two generations.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl told Australian news outlet 9Honey: “I remember being told by a very senior Palace courtier that probably the memory of Diana will really only die out when George is on the throne.

“As long as William is there, even as an older man, as an older king, the fruits of his labour, such as work that he will do, the king that he will be is going to be…the influence of Diana, the influence that she had on him from such an early age and throughout his adulthood is there.

“You can’t deny it.”

Despite Princess Diana not having a direct influence in her grandson’s life, she is still very much there in spirit for all of the Cambridge children.

Princess Charlotte was named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana in a direct tribute to her late grandmother.

The children have even written Mother’s Day cards to Diana which were shared by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The card written by the young prince read: “Dear Granny Diana, Happy happy Mother’s Day. I love you very much and think of you always. Sending lots of love from George xxxxx.”

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Julia Samuel spoke about her godson saying, “I feel lucky I was such a good friend of Princess Diana. And I really love my godson, George. And it’s a lovely way of loving her”.

Ms Nicholl told 9Honey that William’s monarchy will be “largely shaped, I think by his grandmother [the Queen] and to a degree by his father [Prince Charles] but his mother’s impact on him can’t be overstated.

“It’s impossible to look at William, actually, aesthetically look at him and look at him in terms of his work and what he does, and not be reminded of his mother.”

She added: “I think just the ethos of her philanthropy, her ideology of how the world could be philanthropic in a modern world, I think William will continue that throughout his tenure as Prince of Wales and reign as King.”

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