Public able to pay their respects and visit Queen’s coffin both in Edinburgh and London

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Lying in state is typically for sovereigns, current or past Queen consorts and possibly former Prime Ministers and it is where the closed coffin is put on view for the public to visit. Due to the Queen passing in Balmoral in Scotland, her coffin will lie in state in both Scotland and London.

The former Monarch’s coffin is set to be in Edinburgh for 24 hours in St Giles’ Cathedral once it arrives.

The cathedral is located on the city’s Royal Mile, at the halfway point between Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

Reverend Calum McLeod paid his respects to the Queen who he called a “strong and faithful servant” and added: “With the whole nation, we at St. Giles’ Cathedral mourn the death of HM The Queen.”

It is expected that a vigil around the coffin will be held by immediate members of the Royal Family in the coming days at St Giles.

The Queen’s coffin will be guarded 24/7 and the same will happen once it has been transported to London and placed in Westminster Hall in the Palace of Westminster.

The fifth day after the Queen’s death is designated D-Day+5 in official Government plans and is when the coffin will be transported to London in Operation Unicorn.

A procession will begin at Buckingham Palace and move through London for the public to watch until it arrives at Westminster for a service in Westminster Hall where the coffin will lie in state.

It is thought the coffin will be accessible to the public in London for three days leading up to the funeral where they will be able to walk past the coffin and pay their respects in silence.

Public access will be available 23 hours per day over the three days and on the 10th day after her death, there will be a state funeral at Westminster Abbey for the Queen.

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The coffin will then be transported to Windsor where the Queen will be buried with a committal service in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

After the Queen’s funeral, Prince Philip will be moved to the Memorial chapel to reunite the couple in death.

When a royal lies in state, their coffin is covered in a royal flag which tends to be the personal standard and it rests on a raised platform known as a catafalque with a purple cloth.

This platform is guarded by multiple military guards and other regal items are placed on top of the sovereign’s coffin such as a crown.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Prince Philip did not lie in state and so the last member of the Royal Family to do so was the Queen Mother in 2002 which was visited by approximately 200,000 people across three days.

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