Putin sparks fears he's plotting major next move as limo makes late-night Kremlin dash

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The Russian President’s Aurus limousine and cavalcade were filmed rushing to Russia’s top Government building in the heart of Moscow. There has been no immediate comment from the Kremlin over the footage that saw the fleet of vehicles rushing through the streets of Moscow. Vladimir Putin does not live at the Kremlin but instead resides around 20 miles away at his Moscow region official residence, Novo-Ogaryovo.

Sergey Markov, a former MP and political analyst, believes the Russian leader’s dash to the official Government building could be linked to a move to declare Ukraine a “terrorist state”, according to the MailOnline.

He reportedly said: “Ukrainian [social media] must be trembling while reporting that right now Putin has arrived at the Kremlin – which means some important decisions will be made.”

Another theory being shared is that Putin could be about to announce a major escalation of the war amid an announcement from the US for massive new military support for Ukraine.

On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden revealed nearly $3billion (£2.5billion) for weapons and equipment for Ukraine, taking his administration’s bringing his administration’s total commitment in military aid to more than $13.5billion (£11.4billion).

Putin has been widely-known to pre-record key announcements with a Kremlin backdrop.

The Russian’s late-time address, which launched his “special military operation” in Ukraine on February 24, was reportedly recorded sometime before it was actually broadcast.

The dramatic late-night dash came hours after Russian missiles rained down onto a railway station and a residential area in eastern Ukraine, killing 25 civilians.

The tragic turn of events came on the same day as Ukraine attempted to celebrate its own Independence Day.

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“We will continue, together with partners from around the world, to stand with Ukraine and seek accountability for Russian officials.”

The Vyshgorod region, directly north of Kyiv, also came under rocket attack, but there were no casualties reported.

Ukrainian President Zelensky had warned of the risk of “repugnant Russian provocations” ahead of Wednesday’s 31st anniversary of independence from Moscow-dominated Soviet rule.

Wednesday (August 24) also marked six months to the day since Vladimir Putin gave the go-ahead for Russia to begin its brutal invasion of Ukraine.

The public holiday celebrations to mark independence were cancelled and air raid sirens blared at least seven times in Kyiv during the day, though there were no attacks on the Ukrainian capital.

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