Queen Consort Camilla's dogs to become new pooches at Buckingham Palace

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The Queen Consort is a dog lover like the late Queen, who owned over 30 corgis and dorgis – which are corgi cross dachshund – during her reign. Camilla has two Jack Russells called Beth and Bluebell from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, of which she is patron.

It is not clear when Camilla and King Charles will move from Clarence House to Buckingham Palace, which is currently undergoing major renovation works.

But the Queen Consort’s rescue dogs will no doubt settle in when they become the latest pets to move in to the royal residence in central London.

Camilla has previously spoken of her love for her pets, saying: “They are family, friends and ever-faithful companions and, just like anyone else with a passion for dogs, I can’t imagine life without them.”

And Charles appears to be just as fond of Bluebell and Beth, who took centre stage in a picture released to mark the couple’s 15th wedding anniversary in 2020.

Charles had Beth in his arms while Bluebell was on Camilla’s lap as they sat outside their Scottish residence Birkhall.

During a visit to Battersea in December 2020, Camilla’s plucky dog Beth helped her unveil a plaque in a sweet moment.

And earlier this year, Camilla urged people to visit the rescue centre to “find a friend for life”.

The Duchess of Cornwall made the comment as she celebrated the 160th anniversary of Battersea by inviting volunteers, supporters and celebrity ambassadors to Clarence House.

Referring to Bluebell and Beth, she said: “You have all seen how easy it is to go there and come out with an animal, I’ve done it twice.

“There are, due to Covid, a lot of dogs and cats now at Battersea looking for homes.

“So if I could appeal to everybody listening and all your friends, if they want a dog or a cat to go along to Battersea and find a friend for life.”

It comes as the late Queen was known for her love of corgis. Most of her beloved pets were descended from her first corgi, Susan, who was gifted to her on her 18th birthday in 1944.

Writing in the Telegraph of the monarch’s “loyalty” to the corgi breed, royal author Penny Junor said: “The Queen’s entry into a room would often be heralded by a pack of these energetic little dogs.

“At times, she had up to 10 of them and they went everywhere with her, travelling by train, plane and car.

“At weekends, the Queen would often pack them into an estate car and drive them herself from London to Windsor Castle. They would jump from seat to seat, barking at dogs they saw out of the windows.”

Two of the late Queen’s corgis – Muick and Sandy – will reportedly now be cared for by Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson following her death.

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