Queen death: Security guard's opera tribute brings tube station to tears – VID

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As security guard Marcella started singing the Italian soprano aria Lascia ch’io pianga – let me cry – in tribute to the late monarch, onlookers were left in tears as they walked into the London railway station where the spontaneous performance took place. In the video, members of the crowd are seen applauding and joining the two performers in the national mourning.

In the clip, security guard Marcella is seen standing next to Cambridge University organist and director of music at Pembroke College Anna Lapwood while she started singing the Italian soprano aria Lascia ch’io pianga – which translates as “let me cry”.

As Marcella started to sing, Ms Lapwood is seen smiling in a sign of admiration of the spontaneous performance the security guard had just started in tribute to Queen Elizabeth. 

Ms Lapwood said she “spontaneously stopped off” to play the station’s public organ.

She explained after playing a few songs in tribute to the late monarch, Marcella asked stopped by and asked her if she could play Lascia ch’io pianga.

In the clip, tourists entering the station are seen stopping next to the two performers.

As Marcella and the organist continue to play, the surrounding crowd is seen recording the performance and joining the the two musicians in the national mourning.

Ms Lapwood, who posted the video on Twitter, wrote: “This was so moving. Spontaneously stopped off at the London Bridge station organ to play a couple of pieces for the Queen.

“This lovely security guard, Marcella, asked if I could play Lascia ch’io pianga. Turns out she trained as a singer!”.

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