Queen final journey: Mourners throw flowers at motorcade as Ballater plunged into silence

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The Queen’s coffin was driven through the streets of Ballater, Aberdeenshire, as mourners lined up the side of the main road to bid their final farewell to Her Majesty. Members of the public dressed in black plunged the small village into near silence as they somberly watched the motorcade pass them by, with some of the mourners throwing flowers at the cars to pay their respect to the Queen. Local officials stood outside the local church to salute the coffin as it passed by on its six-hour-long journey to Edinburgh.


Princess Anne and her husband Sir Timothy Lawrence could be seen riding behind the Queen.

Commenting on live footage of the cortege’s passage, Sky News’ royal commentator Alastair Bruce said: “The Queen will be passing the entrance of the road to Victoria Barracks, where the Royal Guard have stood station upon her protection right throughout her reign while she’s been here.

“A salute from the Lord Lieutenant of Aberdeenshire and other members of the lieutenancy as the Queen passes by the war memorial of Ballater.

“She passes the fishmonger, the baker, the bookshop, the clothing stores of the Main Street, most of the holding above their places of trade royal warrants they’ve earned from the Queen and the new King as Prince of Wales.

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“The Queen and the Prince of Wales were deeply distressed when terrible flooding caused enormous damage here.”

Aerial footage of the procession has shown people waiting on the side of the route to observe the Queen pass them by for the last time.

Well-wishers who had waited patiently for the opportunity to pay their respects bowed their heads while others saluted as the hearse drove slowly by.

Margaret MacKenzie, from Inverness, said: “It was very dignified. It was nice to see that a lot of people came out to support and pay their respects.”

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She said: “It was very emotional. It was respectful and showed what they think of the Queen.

“She certainly gave service to this country even up until a few days before her death.”

Once in Edinburgh, Her Majesty’s coffin will remain at the Palace of Holyroodhouse before moving to St Giles’s Cathedral for a memorial service on Monday.

Princess Anne will then escort her mother to London on Tuesday before she is moved to Westminster Hall to lay in state until her funeral on September 19.

Senior members of the Royal Family, including the King, will hold continuous vigils from 7.20pm on Monday known as the Vigil of Princes.

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