Queen health update: Monarch 'pretty frail' after making major effort to meet new PM

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The Queen has postponed her Privy Council meeting after being advised by royal doctors to rest, Buckingham Palace has said. The 96-year-old monarch’s latest setback will raise fresh fears for her health the day after she was pictured in a historic audience with Liz Truss, as she appointed her as the new Prime Minister. Royal expert Robert Jobson voiced his surprise the monarch did not make the virtual meeting.

Speaking to the Australian morning show Sunrise, Mr Jobson said: “I think something is afoot.

“It’s not very clear and they’re not going to give running commentary of the Queen but the very fact they used the wording ‘doctor’s advice’ is slightly worrying.

“In all the other stories before it was simply advice and that the Queen would listen to people’s advice but the word doctor’s alarms me.

“The fact that it’s a virtual meeting too. She’s been very good at keeping in touch with people through the pandemic using computers and Zoom meetings.

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“The very fact she can’t even do that does suggest it’s not quite right.

“They’re not going to give us major information but I know from sources close to me that she’s been pretty frail lately.

“She made a great effort to swear in the new Prime Minister and see off Boris Johnson.”

The Queen remains at Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire and the latest advice does not involve a hospital stay.

It was the first time in her 70-year reign that the Queen has appointed a PM at Balmoral.

The two politicians made the 1,000-mile round trip from London, rather than making the monarch, who has suffered episodic mobility problems since last October, travel back from Scotland.

The Queen is on her summer break on the Balmoral estate, and not due to return until early October.

With her hair neatly curled, the monarch, dressed in a blouse, cardigan, and a Balmoral tartan skirt, stood as she met Ms Truss.

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