Queen's coffin – what the flags placed on monarch's casket mean

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Symbols on the flag include: 

  • Three lions passant: England
  • Lion rampant: Scotland
  • Harp: Ireland

Wales is not present on the flag, as it holds a special place among the home nations. 

The Royal.UK website explains: “Since the Union of the Crowns in 1603, the composition of the Royal Standard has taken various forms. In today’s Standard there are four quarterings – England (three lions passant) in the first and fourth quarters, Scotland (a lion rampant) in the second quarter and Ireland (a harp) in the third quarter.

“Wales is not represented in the Royal Standard, as its special position as a Principality was recognised by the creation of the Prince of Wales long before the incorporation of the quarterings for Scotland and Ireland in the Royal Arms. In Scotland, a different version of the Royal Standard is used, with Scottish arms in the first and fourth quarters and English arms in the second.”

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