Queen's funeral forecast: Temps of up to 21C after chilly night queues at Westminster Hall

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Mourners from across the country and abroad are heading to London to see the Queen’s coffin at Westminster Hall – ahead of Her Majesty’s funeral on Monday, September 19. The Queen’s coffin will lie in state for 24 hours a day until around 6.30am on the day of the funeral.

Government statements ask people to dress for all weather fronts, and for them to come equipped with food and drink to consume while they wait. 

Those queuing, an estimated 750,000 individuals, must remain in their place, as those nearest the front will be issued wristbands to stop swapping over during the extremely long wait.

This means individuals, families and groups willing to stand in central London come rain or shine will quite literally have to brave all elements, including cold overnight temperature drops.

Tents and umbrellas are already placed as those queueing look to shield themselves from the downpour, but the latest forecasts show mainly dry weather over the coming days.

British Weather Services senior meteorologist, Jim Dale, explained that a lot of breezy morning dew could be produced from a northern air stream, as shown in the video below.

He told Express.co.uk: “Reflecting on the nation’s loss, the weather will be quiet, mellow, peaceful, restful weather up until Monday.

“We’ve got a slight northerly flow and that will turn things a little bit cooler and colder in the overnights.

“It will be slightly down in the dump because of the air stream, which is a very light drift moving northeasterly on the North Sea coast.

“Because temperatures will be falling in the evening and during the night, that will mean a lot of morning dew, wet grass, wet cars.

“Temperature appears to be going down into the weekend and then gradually recovering. On Monday, London will be in the high teens and maybe even up to 21C degrees.”

The expected drop in temperatures overnight, resulting from a northern air stream and humidity levels that could reach up to 76 percent in the early hours of Sunday, means a risk of frost in northern areas.

Those impacted are central and western inland Scotland, Cumbria, the Pennines and the Yorkshire Dales.

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An update from Netweather reads: “With a cool north wind to end the week, temperatures will fall and there is the risk of frost in the north. For those queuing in London, it will feel nippy by night.”

The following forecast has been issued for London for the next few days until Monday:

Thursday, September 15

Most of the day will be dry and cloudy although with significant levels of humidity in the early morning hours.

Highest temperature could be 20C and the lowest 12C degrees Celsius.

Friday, September 16

Friday will be cooler, with temperatures dropping throughout the night to a low of 9C degrees after a peak of just 16C degrees.

Most of the day will be cloudy but dry, with isolated sunny spells in the early evening.

Saturday, September 17

London is expected to see a lot more sunshine on Saturday, although temperatures are likely to remain at the same levels as Friday, from 16C to 9C degrees.

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Sunday, September 18

A significant rise in humidity is forecasted for Sunday as the English capital will see mellow but dry weather one day before the Queen’s funeral. Temperatures from 17C to 10C degrees.

Monday, September 19: The day of the Queen’s funeral

The temperature slightly improves with the Met Office forecast showing a high of up to 18C degrees, although that could go even higher up to 21C degrees, according to British Weather Services senior meteorologist, Jim Dale.

A low of 11C degrees is projected for Monday night after a dry and mostly cloudy day with sunny spells in the early afternoon.

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