Questions remain after woman disappeared from Disney cruise ship more than 10 years ago

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Rebecca was last seen on March 22 2011 while working on a Disney ship, the first disappearance ever on a Disney Cruise Line. There are still questions about her disappearance, as CCTV footage showed her in emotional distress while on the phone hours before she went missing.

Disney has claimed she was swept overboard by a freak wave, but her parents, Anne and Mike Coriam, have been critical of Disney’s claim and believe she was murdered.

Rebecca Coriam was 24-years-old at the time of her disappearance and was working as a youth activity worker on a Disney Wonder Ship.

She was last seen as the cruise ship travelled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and was discovered missing when she didn’t turn up to work.

Her parents settled a lawsuit against Disney out of court in 2016, but their daughter’s death still remains under investigation.

CCTV footage, which was first uncovered by the Liverpool Echo, showed Rebecca hours before her death looking upset.

The footage, which is timestamped at 5:45 am, shows Rebecca speaking on the phone in the crew area and appears distressed.

A young male crewmember walks up to her and asks if she is okay, to which her mouth can be read saying “Yeah, fine” before hanging up.

The footage is the last record of her presence anywhere on the ship since she disappeared.

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Rebecca’s shorts were ripped when her clothing was given back to her family, which led her parents to believe she was attacked before her disappearance.

In the CCTV footage, Rebecca can be seen wearing men’s pyjamas, and her family think their daughter may have thrown on those clothes after escaping from an attack.

Rebecca’s parents were also surprised to find sandals in her cruise ship room which were a different size from Rebecca’s shoe size, and the sandals were apparently found on the edge of the ship where it is suspected she fell overboard.

The sandals also have a different signature from Rebecca’s on them and were not taken away for forensic examination.

Rebecca’s family and UK politicians have criticised the investigation into her death, and in 2011 their local MP at the time, Stephen Mosley, brought the investigation up in the House of Commons.

He said: “The investigation into Rebecca’s disappearance was appalling…Very few people know that when they board a cruise ship they are so poorly protected.”

The family have said they never received a final report on the investigation, and once said: “Cheshire Police were informed and did liaise with the Bahamas authorities, but Cheshire Police did not proceed with their own investigation, on the grounds of lack of proper jurisdiction in this matter.

“Cheshire Police also received an interim report which in their words to us, was ‘totally and utterly unsatisfactory’ and they were under instructions not to disclose to the family its contents.

“We have tried under the Freedom of Information Act with no success to see the report.”

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