Razor and screwdriver among 33 items removed from man’s BELLY after complaining of stomach pain


STUNNED doctors have removed 33 items from a man’s belly – including a screwdriver and razor blades.

Yogesh Thakur, 30, was admitted to hospital in central India on Sunday after complaining of severe abdominal pain.

These are the 33 objects that were removed from the man’s stomach earlier this week
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Yogesh Thakur, 30, pictured in his hospital, had told medics he had severe stomach pains
Mediadrumimages / Newslions.com

Medics decided to carry out an X-ray and were shocked to discover dozens of sharp objects, such as a knife, inside his stomach.

Surgery was carried out two days later and Mr Thakur, a part-time farmer, is expected to be discharged in the next few days.

His mother, Kusma Thakur, said: “He grabs anything and eats it. But we were surprised when we came to know that he could eat such dangerous things too.”

Dr MPN Khare, who performed the operation, said that Yogesh suffered from altered mental status (AMS), a general term used to describe various disorders of mental functioning that can range from slight confusion to coma.

He grabs anything and eats it – we were surprised that he could eat such dangerous things too

Kusma Thakurman's mother

He said: “It was a rather difficult surgery as he suffered from hypertension.

“We were shocked and surprised to find over thirty sharp objects inside his abdomen.”

The man is believed to suffer from a rare disorder known as acuphagia, where people eat sharp metal objects and other indigestible items.

It’s a form of pica – a psychological disorder characterised by an appetite for substances that are largely non-nutritive, such as ice, hair, paper, drywall or paint, sharp objects, metal, stones, soil, glass, faeces and chalk.

Usually, it occurs alongside mental health conditions that impair function, such as autism or schizophrenia.

The prevalence of pica is not known but it is believed to be more common in developing countries, according to the National Eating Disorders Associations.

Doctors carried out an X-ray to find out the cause of his pain and were stunned to discover 33 objects inside his belly
Mediadrumimages / Newslions.com
Doctors pictured during surgery as they removed 33 sharp objects from the man’s belly
Mediadrumimages / Newslions.com

It’s not the first time such a strange instance has occurred in India.

A man in the north-west Indian state of Rajasthan, who swallowed 116 nails, underwent a successful operation in May this year.

In another incident, surgeons removed around three pounds of metals including nuts, bolts and jewellery from a woman’s stomach in the western Indian state of Gujarat last year.

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