Roger Federer raises French Open safety fears: ‘I do not like it’


Federer’s return to Roland Garros for the first time since 2015 has caused a fan frenzy in France.

At 37 years old, many Parisian supporters feel this could be the final opportunity to catch their hero in action before his retirement.

And they have snapped up the tickets to all of Federer’s opening three matches – which all ended in straight-sets victories.

However, a couple of children crashed one of his practice sessions earlier this week by running on the court and there is also a 50 meter walk from the changing room to the media centre, which has been compared to no man’s land.

Federer has tabled his complaints despite having up to 10 security guards helping him around the compound.

“For tournaments and security, it is a great stress to be through,” Federer told Swiss newspaper Aargauer Zeitung.

“It should always be safe. Not that the little ones are crushed by a 120-kilo guy. Nobody wants to see that.

“In the end, everyone is frustrated.

“It’s too easy to jump onto the court.

“The security guards cannot just stand there in a suit and tie.

“I do not like it. We players must feel safe.”

Federer also explained why he sneaks out of the side entrance at Roland Garros.

“So that nothing happens and nobody gets hurt,” he added.

Federer is back in French Open action this afternoon when he takes on Leonardo Mayer for a place in the quarter-finals.

The winner will then face either Stefanos Tsitsipas or Stan Wawrinka.


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