Royal Family kicks back into action just days after Queen's Windsor burial

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Although still in mourning, members of the Royal Family will undertake engagements to show their appreciation for those who helped with the Queen’s funeral. The unprecedented event involved thousands of people from police officers to civil servants. The events this week will specifically focus on thanking members of the military and will involve senior Royal Family members, according to Buckingham Palace.

The news comes just days after the Queen’s state funeral, which was followed by a private burial service attended by family members.

She was interred alongside her beloved husband, Prince Philip.

Praise has continued for the guardsmen who carried the Queen’s coffin at the state funeral.

Some have called for them to be honoured for their service.

Lord Dannatt, head of the British Army, told the Sun: “They ought to be recognised.

“The Royal Victorian Order is for personal service to the sovereign and I would suggest you can’t get more personal than carrying the sovereign’s body throughout all the funeral services.”

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