Royal Family LIVE: Harry's sweet gesture to Meghan during Queen's funeral revealed

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Prince Harry’s sweet gesture towards his wife Meghan Markle during the Queen’s funeral yesterday has been revealed.

Funeral guest and attorney Pranav Bhanot, told People, that during the service, at points where Harry and Meghan had to go “different directions” after “walking together” the Duke gave his wive some extra support by giving her hand “a squeeze”.

He said: “You saw the reassurance that Harry was giving to Meghan at times when they were walking together and had to go in their different directions.

“I noticed just how supportive Harry was to Meghan.

“When they went their separate directions after the ceremony, he gave her a firm squeeze of the hand. I felt he wanted to ensure she felt comfortable.”

Thousands of mourners attended the Queen’s state funeral yesterday, including world leaders and members of royal families from across the globe. 

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