Royal Family LIVE: 'Heartbreaking' image shows Harry close to tears at Westminster Hall

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Former member of the Balmoral Guard Duncan Rasor, who met the Queen while serving in Scotland, wore his military medals and Glengarry headdress as he queues to pay his respect to the Queen lying in state.

The 48-year-old served in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and said: “I spent four months up in Balmoral valley and so I did get to meet the Queen and spend some time with her.

“So, from a personal perspective, I wanted to come and pay my respects for everything that she’s done.”

He described spending time with the royal family as an “extraordinary privilege” and added: “Even though they are on holiday up in Balmoral, they are still working, and it just never stops.

“I think that is something which is starting to become more apparent to people is quite how hard Her Majesty has worked for her entire life.”

He served in the regiment between 1997 and 2002 and wore a Northern Ireland medal and a Kosovo medal.

Asked why he decided to wear his medals and Glengarry headdress, he said: “She was our Colonel-in-Chief so, having been part of the regiment, I could have come down without it, but I retired 20 years ago so I’m not a serving soldier, but it is a rare opportunity to put on a headdress and wear medals again and just be proud, I guess.”

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