Royal Family LIVE: 'Poor thing' expert spots 'distressing' detail in new Queen photo

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The Queen met with Liz Truss earlier this week for the “kissing of the hands” ceremony as she became the next Prime Minister. But royal commentator Daniela Elser spotted a number of things that sparked her concerns.

Ms Elser said: “The poor thing- just what she needs at age 96 – more responsibility.

“What should really have royal watchers, devoted monarchists and anyone with even a smidge of respect for the indefatigable monarch concerned is that not only was she using a walking stick indoors, which is highly unusual, but she appeared to be obviously leaning on it as she cheerfully waited for the new Prime Minister.”

The Times reported that the large mark may be from a condition called “senile purpura” which means skin bruises easily and is often found in older people.

But Ms Elser pointed out this is not the first time the 96-year-old has been seen with these marks.

She added: “This is not the first time this sort of situation has arisen, with a similar large blotch clearly visible on her left hand in photos of her meeting Queen Rania and King Abdullah of Jordan at Buckingham Palace back in 2019.”


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