Royal Family LIVE: 'Time to strip their titles' Meghan and Harry spark fury with new claim

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The Duchess of Sussex has taken part in an interview with New York magazine’s The Cut in which she blasted her experience of living as part of the Royal Family in the United Kingdom. She claimed she would have never been able to drop her children at school – despite William and Kate being able to do so – and accused the British media of “calling [her] children the n-word,” without providing any evidence or additional detail. Meghan added that she “made a lot of effort to forgive” the Royal Family for her treatment as part of the Firm, “especially knowing [she] can say anything”. Writing in the Telegraph, Allison Pearson criticised the interview, claiming Meghan’s “grievances grow ever bolder and more extravagant, floating free of any observable reality” with every new interview raging at the Royal Family.

Commenting on the couple’s return to the UK next week, she added: “In effect, we have a quasi-Royal tour with the couple now snubbing (or being snubbed by?) the very institution from which they derive their power and celebrity. It’s bizarre. And damaging to the monarchy.

“Clearly, it’s time the Sussexes lost their royal titles whose privileges they enjoy without the accompanying responsibilities and restraints.”


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