Royal POLL: Should Prince Andrew give up hope of royal comeback?

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Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, reportedly spent three days at Balmoral with the Queen to discuss his role in the Firm. It is claimed Andrew wants to “try to establish a route back” to royal life with a new position.

A friend of Andrew’s told the Sun on Sunday, August 21: “He is a 62-year-old man and knows that he can’t spend the rest of his days ­sitting around at Royal Lodge in Windsor, walking his dogs and ­riding horses.

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“He’s thinking about what he can do. He has had discussions with the Queen about what he can do with his life. But there are also wider family discussions.”

Another source added: “He knows he let his mother down badly but he hasn’t been convicted of a crime. He wants to try to establish a route back.

“He’s hoping the Queen can influence Prince Charles and Prince William, who see no way back for him.

“He wanted a few days alone with his mother to talk about his future.”

Daily Express’s royal correspondent Richard Palmer recently claimed Andrew was “delusional” to think he could return to public life.  

Speaking on the Daily Express’s Royal Roundup in June, he said: “I’ve spoken to people in the royal circles, better not say more than that, who [are] really tearing their hair out with him.

“[This is] because, you know, they say he is delusional about the public’s reaction to him. 

“Nobody underestimates the public’s shock and revulsion, his involvement in the Epstein scandal, more than Prince Andrew.”

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