Russia on brink of anarchy: Taxi driver shot dead after argument over Ukraine war

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The violent murder has increased fears that Russia is sliding into anarchy and civil strife. The incident took place on August 17th in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don. Located in Russia’s south, the city acts as a gateway between the Northern Caucasus and the Black Sea coast.

It is also located less than 200km from the the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol that was brutally bombarded into submission by the Russian army.

Rostov-on-Don is a staging post for Russian troops on their way to fight in Ukraine and is often full of troops.

Reports claim that a thirty-three-old officer from the Moscow region called Alexei became involved in a heated dispute with a 51-year-old taxi driver.

As the discussion proceeded, the soldier became increasingly angry with the driver, who was expressing a pro-Ukrainian view.

The Captain eventually lost control and took out a Makarov pistol, shooting the taxi driver four times and killing him in the process.

Local resident, Greta Rokald tweeted: “What the hell guys.

“In our city centre, on the main embankment, a 33-year-old captain of the Armed Forces from the Moscow region killed a man because of a dispute about the war in Ukraine.

“4 shots from a Makarov pistol for condemning the invasion of Ukraine.

“The man was 51. I’m in shock. Just f*ed up. And I understand the guy was sober.”

She added: “And these soldiers go all over the city now.

“It turns out that they can f*ing shoot me for a badge with symbols of Ukraine.

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The incident happened on August 19th at around 4.40pm on 60A Volodarsky Street, locals said.

The blast blew out a window frame, which fell into the yard below.

There is no information on whether anyone was killed or injured in the blast.

Russia has been rocked in recent days by a series of explosions within its borders.

Many of these have taken place at warehouses storing ammunition for the army.

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