Russian tank 'sent into space' as powerful strike showcases Ukraine strength against Putin

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Newly released footage from the Ukrainian military showcases an extraordinary missile strike on Russian tanks on the eastern battlefront. In the video, the aftermath of the strike sees a huge mushroom cloud billow into the sky. The devastating attack went viral, as the tank blown up in the blast can be seen flying into the air above the cloud.

The Defence Ministry in Ukraine tweeted: “No. This is not the launch of a spaceship.

“This is another Russian tank reaching the finish line. Shot by #UAarmy.”

Nexta TV, which monitors the conflict, added:: “The General Staff of the Armed Forces of #Ukraine has published epic footage of the launch of #Russian tankers into space.”

@IanBruce joked: “Happy to see Russia’s much-maligned space program is still alive and well.”

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@BilyanaLilly remarked: “A mushroom cloud of Russian failure.”

The video shows the stunning capacity of the Ukrainian military, which has received game-changing weapons from allies including the UK and US.

On the weekend, the US announced it will ship another £655 million package of arms to Ukraine.

This will provide long-range artillery ammunition which has already been used to devastating effect on Russian forces, according to a senior US defence official.

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