Staffers describe living in a fireworks stand

NORTH LIBERTY, Iowa (KCRG) – With fireworks shows canceled across eastern Iowa, some shops say they have seen more people buying to create their own shows. And those temporary tents that sell those fireworks require attention at all times.

As cars and trucks zoom by a large tent in off Highway 965 in North Liberty, Josh Huff is practicing his new craft.

“I knew that I needed a job and I needed to make money right away, and here I am in North Liberty selling fireworks,” Huff said.

It’s something prior to a couple of weeks ago Huff had no plans to do.

“I’d be guiding out on Lake Superior,” Huff said. “I own a charter fishing boat. And that’s what I’d be doing.”

With no one booking trips for the Great Lakes, he made himself a new job title:

“I’m the one-man-band,” Huff said. “That’s it. 24/7 I’m on the clock.”

Meaning for this country boy, he is on the front lines of fireworks sales, trusted with every assignment.

“I live here, I sleep here, I do security, I stock, I cash, I answer questions, I pick up the floor, I make sure the toilets are emptied, I make sure the trash is getting dumped, I do it all,” Huff said.

Temporary fireworks tents are required to have 24/7 staffing due to safety requirements, a requirement Huff was proud to fill.

“I committed,” Huff said. “I put my word on the line that I was going to come here and do it, everything else has been- the decision’s been made.”

Forcing him to quickly become a fireworks expert, even though he will not be an expert for much longer.

“I’m here until the 5th [of July],” Huff said. “And then my life’s going to change again.”

And Huff said it allowed him to learn a certain lesson along the way.

“I think you create your own karma, by just being positive, good, hard work, just being a good person- somebody that somebody can rely on,” Huff said. “And everything seems to fall in place after that.”

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