'Step in right direction': Hopes for 'Fab Four' to heal rift in 'pivotal' PR masterstroke

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Royal Correspondent Robert Jobson said there is hope the “Fab Four” are taking “steps in the right direction”. Referring to the moment Prince William and Prince Harry walked side by side outside Windsor Castle to look at the flowers left in tribute to the Queen, he said the moment reminded him of the death of the late Princess of Wales and described the moment as “pivotal for the Royal Family”.

Speaking with Mr Jobson, Sky News presenter Kay Burkey asked: “What about the Fab Four?”

He responded: “I think these situations are very moving, they also remind us when we lost the late Princess of Wales.

“This is what we remember looking at the flowers from where they are as men, paying their respect to Her Majesty.”

He stressed: “There is hope, at least, of a step in the right direction.

“It is a pivotal moment for the Royal Family.

“It was an opportunity, a great PR opportunity, whether it means any tensions which were there are over.”


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