'Stop talking' Macron torn apart after tying to copy Churchill with bizarre announcement

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The Green MEP told in an interview how he felt Mr Macron was “playing Churchill” as he claims the president uses warlike vocabulary when delivering speeches. He made the comments this morning during an interview on RTL where it appeared the politician was extremely critical of Mr Macron’s action in the fight against global warming. Mr Jadot dismissed the idea of working alongside the head of state as he said “there is no point in being minister in the French presidential system”.

He also claimed Mr Macron “doesn’t do the job” he is supposed to do.

“Do your job on housing, on renewable energies, on agriculture. The French people and companies are ready, do your job and stop talking,” the ecologist blasted after criticising the “warlike” vocabulary used by the President of the Republic during a press conference on the energy crisis.

“We continue to have a president of the Republic who plays Churchill. But not everyone is Churchill. When Churchill made his speech, he didn’t go jet-skiing afterwards,” Yannick Jadot said.

“The President of the Republic is asking the French people to make efforts. If we mobilise the whole society, the French will make efforts with pleasure, companies will innovate and we will no longer depend on Putin,” he concluded.

However, according to Mr Jadot, “Macron is not doing the job”.

Mr Jadot also ratified that he did not intend to enter a government under the leadership of the current President of the Republic.

The former EELV candidate in the presidential election denounces the lack of exemplarity of the President of the Republic in terms of ecology.

Emmanuel Macron “exonerates himself from his responsibilities”, “he doesn’t do the job”.

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Additional reporting by Maria Ortega

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