Queen Letizia style: Queen of Spain stuns in recycled perfect pink dress

The Queen of Spain kept her jewellery simple like always, wearing just one ring and a silver pair of hoop earrings.

These matched her belt and detailing on the dress perfectly. 

Letizia kept her makeup natural with her classic signature soft brown smokey eye with dark mascara to compliment her skin tone. 

She first wore the dress at Zarzuela Palace last year where she wore the same heels with the designer number.

Queen officially ends summer at Balmoral early arriving at Sandringham with Prince Philip

However, the monarch, 94, will still spend some time with husband Prince Philip, 99, at Sandringham before heading to Windsor to continue her royal engagements. She and Philip were seen being driven away from the Balmoral estate en route to the airport, according to the Daily Mail.

Despite the end of the summer getaway upon them, the Queen and the Duke were happy enough to wave at photographers from the vehicle.

The couple will now spend around two weeks in each other’s company before the Queen gets back to work.

According to a Buckingham Palace spokesperson, the Queen will return to Windsor Castle at some point next month.

The spokesperson said: “Subject to the finalisation of the autumn programme, Her Majesty’s intention is to return to Windsor Castle in October and to resume the use of Buckingham Palace for selected audiences and engagements.

“These plans will be kept under review and will of course be subject to all relevant guidance and advice.”

This week, it was revealed Prince Philip will also be joining the Queen when she returns to Windsor for her royal duties.

The Duke would have preferred to stay at Sandringham, royal sources told The Sun.

However, there would not have been enough staff to run two ‘bubbles’ in order to keep the two royals safe.

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Indeed, royal experts have suggested the couple have spent more time together through the coronavirus pandemic than usual.

Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty magazine, has said the couple have spent more time under the same roof recently than in “many years.”

Sandringham, in Norfolk, is the Queen’s country estate and has been used by British monarchs since the 19th century.

It is still often used by royals today, with Sandringham House surrounded by 60 acres of garden, according to the Sandringham Estate website.

Traditionally, Sandringham is also the Royal Family’s Christmas and New Year getaway.

However, these plans may be affected if the government’s new ‘rule of six’ coronavirus restrictions continue on until the end of this year.

In other royal news, the Caribbean island nation of Barbados has announced its intention to remove the Queen as its head of state by next year.

Canada could follow Barbados in ditching Queen as head of state amid Megxit row

Barbados’ governor-general Dame Sandra Mason announced their decision today, saying that “the time has come to fully leave our colonial past behind”. The Caribbean island said it wants “full sovereignty” by the time it celebrates its 55th anniversary of independence from the UK in November 2021. A speech written by Prime Minister Mia Mottley quoted its first premier Errol Barrow, who warned against “loitering on colonial premises”.

With this historic decision, there are now rumblings that more countries could follow suit.

Earlier this year, republicans in Canada were calling for their country to leave the list of 16 Commonwealth realms ‒ countries who have the Queen as their head of state.

This was triggered by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s decision to step down as senior royals, and their move to Vancouver in the initial aftermath.

Anti-monarchy activists claimed the couple’s presence in the nation could “distance” Canada from the British throne.

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queen elizabeth ii canada

Canada might follow Barbados in ditching the Queen as their head of state (Image: GETTY)

queen barbados

The Queen in Barbados in 1977 (Image: GETTY)

Republic Now, a non-profit organisation which advocates for a democratically-elected Canadian as head of state, said in a statement that as “more royals quit the monarchy” it’s “time Canada did too”.

They claimed the couple represent “disenchantment from the institution” of the Royal Family.

They added: “While Harry and Meghan can never completely remove themselves from the Royal Family, Canada can.”

Simultaneously, the row over the Sussexes’ security costs raised eyebrows and pushed others towards supporting a republic.

prince harry meghan markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle initially went to Canada after announcing their decision to leave (Image: GETTY)

The Duke and Duchess had asserted that they wanted to work towards being financially independent, but were still being bankrolled by Prince Charles.

There was a tough debate over whether security for the family should be paid for by British taxpayers, Canadian taxpayers or the couple themselves.

Toronto-based journalist Janet Davison, writing for CBC News, was on the case, asking how financial independence and security for the couple will work when they live “between the UK and North America”.

Another journalist, Renee Sylvestre-Williams said: “If this Meghan/Harry moving to Canada thing is true, do we have to pay for their security?

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queen canada

The Queen is the monarch of 16 Commonwealth Realms including Canada (Image: GETTY)

“I don’t want to pay for their security. Unless I can claim it on my taxes.”

Other natives shared similar concerns, with one Twitter user adding: “As long as we Canadians do not have to pay for Meghan and Harry’s security costs, I don’t really care about the rest.”

Of course, in the end, Meghan and Harry were only in Canada for a short length of time before moving to California, USA.

Nevertheless, their initial move sparked a conversation that engaged more people than usual on the subject of the monarchy and its place in Canadian society.

For this reason, Canada may well be the next country to leave the Queen and the Royal Family in its past.

Canada has been independent since 1867, nearly 100 years longer than Barbados, which gained its independence in 1966, although the Queen remained a constitutional monarchy for both.

In 1998, a Barbados constitutional review commission recommended republican status, and in 2015 Prime Minister Freundel Stuart said “we have to move from a monarchical system to a republican form of government in the very-near future”.

Barbados’ governor-general said today: “Barbadians want a Barbadian head of state.

queen barbados sandra mason

The Queen with Barbados’ Governor-General Dame Sandra Mason (Image: GETTY)

“This is the ultimate statement of confidence in who we are and what we are capable of achieving.

“Hence, Barbados will take the next logical step toward full sovereignty and become a republic by the time we celebrate our 55th anniversary of independence.”

Currently there are 16 Commonwealth realms including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, as well as several countries in the Carribean and Oceania.

Queen hits back at Barbados' bid for independence with official palace statement

Buckingham Palace said Barbados’ intention to remove the Queen as head of state and become a republic is a “matter” for the Caribbean nation. Asked to comment on the Commonwealth country’s plans a palace spokesman said: “This is a matter for the government and people of Barbados.”

Barbadians’ intention to severe their ties with the Crown were laid bare yesterday by the country’s Governor-General Dame Sandra Mason. 

Reading a speech written by Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley, Dame Sandra said: “The time has come to fully leave our colonial past behind.

“Barbadians want a Barbadian Head of State.

“This is the ultimate statement of confidence in who we are and what we are capable of achieving. 

“Hence, Barbados will take the next logical step toward full sovereignty and become a republic by the time we celebrate our 55th anniversary of Independence.” 

This speech appeared to have been inspired by the country’s first Prime Minister Errol Barrow‘s warning against “loitering on colonial premises”.  


Queen to be removed as Barbados head of state – warned more nations will become republics

Barbados’ announcement it is planning to remove the Queen as its Head of State will have a ripple effect on other members of CARICOM – the Caribbean Community, a royal expert warned. Among the 15 member states of this association, nine have the Queen as their head of state. 

They include Jamaica, tipped to be “the next” to move towards republicanism by royal expert Charlie Proctor.

He wrote on Twitter: “Big news. Now Barbados has played their cards, other CARICOM countries will follow.

“Jamaica will be next. Both main parties favour a Republic.”

Many Jamaican leaders had in the past expressed their desire to see the country cut ties with the Crown. 

Upon being elected in 1972, Prime Minister Michael Manley announced Jamaica would become a republic by 1981.

His Government explored a constitutional reform but Mr Manley’s party, the People National Party (PNP) lost against the more conservative Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) in 1980.

A new PNP-led Government in 2002 abolished the requirement for public servants to take an oath of allegiance to the monarch.

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The Prime Ministers elected in 2007 and 2011, respectively JLP leader Bruce Golding and PNP leader Portia Simpson-Miller, both affirmed their commitment to start Jamaica’s transition to republicanism.

But neither of them brought about any constitutional changes by the end of their terms.

The current Jamaican Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, first elected in 2016, pledged to make the transition to a republic the priority of his Government upon being confirmed for another term earlier this month.



The reigning PNP has also promised to hold a referendum within the next 18 months.

A poll conducted between July 9 to 12 this year asked 1,200 voting-age Jamaicans whether the Queen should continue to be their country’s head of state or not.

Pollster Bill Johnson found 55 percent of the respondents said she should not continue, 30 percent said the Queen should continue and 15 percent didn’t know.

Barbados made its groundbreaking announcement yesterday. 

Dame Sandra Mason, Governor-General of Barbados, read a speech written by the country’s Prime Minister Mia Mottley in which the Caribbean country expressed its desire to become a republic by its 55th anniversary of independence from the UK.

Dame Sandra said: “The time has come to fully leave our colonial past behind.

“Barbadians want a Barbadian Head of State.

“This is the ultimate statement of confidence in who we are and what we are capable of achieving. 

“Barbados will take the next logical step toward full sovereignty and become a Republic by the time we celebrate our 55th Anniversary of Independence.”

Barbados became fully independent in 1966 but retained the Queen as its constitutional monarch.

If it decided to go through with its intention to become a republic, Barbados would be the first country to remove the Queen as head of state since 1992, when Mauritius became a republic.

The Queen remains the monarch of 16 nations, including Australia, Canada and New Zealand.     

Queen Elizabeth II to be ditched as Barbados head of state by NEXT YEAR

Dame Sandra Mason, the country’s Governor-General, said in a statement the people of Barbados “want a Barbadian head of state”. Barbados claimed independence from Britain in 1966, but the Queen is still technically is head of state, or constitutional monarch.

Its plan to replace the Queen with its own sovereign head of state would make the island nation a republic.

Dame Mason continued: “The time has come to fully leave our colonial past behind.”

“This is the ultimate statement of confidence in who we are and what we are capable of achieving.”

“Hence, Barbados will take the next logical step toward full sovereignty and become a Republic by the time we celebrate our 55th Anniversary of Independence.”

If the plan goes ahead, the Queen will leave her role as head of state for Barbados by November 2021.

The news may not come as a shock to some; Barbados has discussed becoming a republic for decades.

In 2003, the island nation replaced its final appeals court which was based in the London with the more local Caribbean court of justice in Trinidad.

In 2015, Freundel Stuart – Barbados’ Prime Minister at the time – said the country should transition to a “republic form of government in the very near future.”

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It states: “Her Majesty is The Queen of Barbados, completely separately from her role as Queen of the United Kingdom.”

The Queen’s role as the constitutional monarch of Barbados sees her play a ceremonial role for the island.

She is also regularly in touch with Barbados’ Governor-General, a post currently held by Sandra Mason.

The Governor-General keeps the Queen up to date with news related to the island nation.

The Queen remains head of state in seven other Caribbean nations including Grenada and the Bahamas, Royal Central reports.

British influence in the history of Barbados goes back hundreds of years to 1625.

UK colonisation in Barbados can still be seen in place names such as Brighton, Cambridge, and Windsor.

Barbados also continues to operate a Westminster style of government, maintains old British military buildings, and plays cricket as its national sport.

According to Barbados.org, the island nation was also one of just four regular destinations visited by supersonic passenger jet Concorde.

Queen Letizia recycles smart £25 outfit from her favourite brand high-street brand

Queen Letizia, married to King Felipe VI, is known for her love of high-street fashion which she often sports on visits. The mother-of-two looked smart as she marked the start of the school term in Navarra as she headed to a school in a recycled outfit from 2018. Putting safety first like always, Letizia wore a disposable white face mask. 

The Spanish Queen headed to the headed to the Nuestra Señora del Patrocinio College in Milagro, Navarra to mark the first day of the Spanish academic year. 

Her own daughters, Leonor, 14, and Sofia, 13, were sent back from school just two days after going back after a classmate in Princess Leonor’s class tested positive for coronavirus. 

Wearing a pair of culottes with a pleat down the centre, Letizia looked stylish in her outfit.

The black fitted culottes were said to be from Uterque, which is retailer Zara’s sister brand. 

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The number retailed for £25 but as it is an old season piece, it is now sold out.

However the budget-friendly retailer has also stocked similar designs for the same price this year.

For the engagement, the Spanish Queen accessorised the look with black wedge heels which she tied around her ankles in a bow. 

Identical black wedge shoes are selling on the Net-a-Porter for £105, a more expensive option for the monarch. 

On her visit, Letizia toured the school with staff, all who were wearing face masks.

Showcasing her thrifty side and love for the high-street, Letizia is not afraid to rewear affordable outfits. 

In a recent visit to Madrid for a meeting with the Spanish Association Against Cancer for which she is the Honorary President of, the monarch was looking stylish in a recycled Massimo Dutti dress.

The dress has been out of stock since Letizia first sported it last year and retails for £100. 

The smart navy midi shirtdress features long sleeves with buttons up the middle and a loosely fitted pleated skirt with light peach flowers covering the entirety of the outfit.

Queen sends Prince Harry sweet birthday message with ADORABLE throw-back photo

The Queen publicly wished a happy birthday to her grandson Prince Harry via her official Twitter account. The monarch’s social media staff on The Royal Family Twitter wrote: “Wishing The Duke of Sussex a very happy birthday!”

The message was accompanied by a picture showing the Duke laughing with his grandmother the Queen. 

The snap was taken during a Queen’s Young Leaders reception at Buckingham Palace in 2017. 

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, also marked the Duke of Sussex’ birthday. 

Publishing a message on social media a few seconds after the Queen, the royal couple’s office, Clarence House, tweeted: “Wishing a very happy birthday to The Duke of Sussex today!”

Queen Letizia style: Queen of Spain’s most affordable lockdown looks

The Queen of Spain often sports high-street fashion on her trips and visits. Whether she opts for a dress or a smart look with trousers, Queen Letizia mixes affordable brands from Zara to Massimo Dutti. She has also been spotted re-wearing dresses on numerous occasions, showing that she is isn’t one to waste a nice outfit. With most of the world being in lockdown this year due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Spainsh royal family started to visit countries to see how they were recovering. 

Back in June, the Spainsh royal family visited the Canary Islands as the country started recovering from the coronavirus crisis. 

They began their tour in Gran Canaria where Queen Letizia stunned fans in an expensive looking dress from one of her favourite high-street brands, Zara.

The sage green maxi number featured buttons down the middle as well as a loose fitting top which she tied at the waist.

The pale dress featured a beaded and embroidered design with a floral-style pattern and white dots.

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The dress cinched in at the waist and dropped down into a dipped hemline where the front was slightly shorter than the back.

It was from a high-street brand she is often pictured wearing, Spanish brand Massimo Dutti.

Whilst this particular dress is no longer for sale, similar styles on the website are retailing for just £50. 

Again, she opted for her cream espadrille sandals which tied up around her ankle. 

In August, Queen Letizia was seen sporting a white maxi summer dress with an embroided design and delicate drills on the straps. 

This was in Menorca where she was enjoying her summer holiday with her husband King Felipe of Spain. 

The gorgeous dress featured buttons down the middle with a scalloped hem which has an A-line style skirt. 

The dress was selling for £150 from a Uterque, a Spanish label that’s from the same group as high-street retailer Zara. 

It sold out instantly but has been stocked up several times since Queen Letizia was pictured wearing the summer dress.

Although Massimo Dutti is classed as a high-street brand, it is on the more expensive side compared to other brands like Zara.

However Queen Letizia often sports this brand including her most recent visit being one to a meeting with the Spanish Association Against Cancer. 

The dress, which costs around £100, has been out of stock in over a year since Letizia first wore it back in 2019.

Letizia often shows her thrifty side as she has been seen recycling outfits on numerous occasions. 

The stylish navy floral midi number featured a shirt top with buttons up the middle and long sleeves which cuff at the wrists.

The dress has a loosely pleated skirt with light peach flowers covering it from top to bottom. 

Queen Letizia often opts for natural makeup, keeping her eyeshadow simple with minimalistic jewellery.

Prince Charles could override Queen in crucial move after ascension

Charles has been the heir to the throne since his mother became the sovereign — he was just three years old. However, over the years he has developed a reputation for being more outspoken than the Queen. While the monarch is known for her diplomacy and political neutrality, Charles has been accused of occasionally overstepping the line.

The Prince of Wales did address these concerns head-on in recent years and said he had no intention of being a “meddling monarch”.

Still, there is one particular area where Charles may deliberately choose to stray from his mother’s direct ruling.

The supposed remains of the Princes of the Tower, the two royals allegedly “murdered” by their uncle, King Richard III, in the Tower of London, are kept in an urn in Westminster Abbey.

The bodies have been presumed to be those of Edward V and Richard, Duke of York ever since they were discovered in the 17th Century in the Tower of London — but it has never been proven that they belong to the royal children who went missing in 1483.

After Richard III’s skeleton was discovered in 2012 in a Leicester car park, the Richard III Society called for the remains in Westminster Abbey to be carbon dated and undergo DNA analysis so they could finally be identified.

The discovery of his skeleton meant it would be easy to see if the DNA of the unidentified remains were related to the medieval king.

However, both the BBC and Channel 4 had already asked Westminster Abbey to allow forensic tests on the remains during the Nineties, but had been turned down.

Westminster Abbey rejected the requests again, in 2012 — unearthed documents also showed that the Queen was consulted on the matter and that she was in agreement.

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Dr King told Express.co.uk: “Having done archaeology, you can understand how [Charles] certainly would have an understanding as to how a study would be done, but obviously I couldn’t possibly say about [his ruling].”

She conceded that “only he would be able to tell you” what his ruling on the matter would be.

She added: “I’m not sure how the permission works, presumably the Dean of Westminster is the person who has the authority from that point of view.

“But I presume the monarch also has a say in it.”

Charles studied history, archaeology and anthropology at Cambridge University from 1967 to 1970.

A Home Office file showed that when the BBC and Channel 4 requested forensic access to the remains, the Dean of Westminster strongly resisted.

Buckingham Palace and then Home Secretary Michael Howard were consulted, and both the Queen and the minister were “in full agreement” that the matter should not be delved into in the Nineties.

When approached by Express.co.uk, Westminster Abbey declined to comment on the matter.