'Taller than Kate!' Royal fans in awe at George towering over mum's shoulder in new images

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Prince George, nine, was spotted yesterday walking hand-in-hand with his mother Kate Middleton as he went to his first day at Lambrook School in Berkshire. The Cambridges were seen arriving at the school yesterday following their move to Adelaide Cottage in Windsor. George was spotted with his siblings, Princess Charlotte, seven, and Prince Louis, three, as well as Prince William who held Charlotte’s hand as they walked towards the private co-educational school.

And eagle-eyed fans couldn’t help but notice the height of Prince George as he reached Kate’s shoulder despite the Duchess wearing heels.

Sharing the images on Twitter, user @sarahinroyal wrote: “Wait? Prince George is taller than his mother’s shoulder?”

To which, user @camillawindsor_ replied: “AND SHE’S WEARING HEELS!!!”

Another said: “I know right? I thought the exact same thing.” User @dustyreign added: “Please tell me there’s a sharp downward slope that we just can’t see!”

Fans were speculating how tall the Prince was, with one saying “he’s really shot up over the summer!”

And some even think he may be taller than Prince William one day, with user @istephb4 writing: “Prince George might well be taller than his dad in the future.”

But it wasn’t just George’s height that was commented on, as some felt all three had “grown up” over the summer.

User @duchesskatefan_ said: “They have all grown up too much this summer!”

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A third fan added: “Prince George is getting so grown up and tall, so like his father in every way, looks and stature and William was so like his beautiful mother, Princess Diana”.

A final account wrote about Princess Charlotte’s height too, saying: “He will be very tall I think – and his sister too. The little Cambridges won the genetic lottery.”

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