Terrifying moment mysterious fog completely fills Delta plane leaving New York bound passengers terrified


PASSENGERS on a Delta Air Lines flight received a shock on Sunday when fog begin filling the cabin as they were sitting on the runway.

The plane was waiting to take off from Jacksonville, Florida, bound for New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport, when a thick mist began pouring from its vents.

A Delta Air Lines plane began filling with fog as it waited on the runway
Passengers were barely able to see in front of them

Footage from inside the plane shows passengers looking confused and barely able to see more than a few feet in front of them.

Amanda Goncalves, who was a passenger on the plane, told New York station CBS2 that the fog was odourless, but hung in the cabin for 30 minutes prior to take off.

She added that no explanation was offered by cabin crew.

“People were wondering why it was lasting so long,” she said.

“The flight attendants didn’t really make an announcement.

“They just said they were practising for their Halloween haunted house.

“They made a joke of it instead of saying it was from the humidity or condensation.”

She said she thought the fog could easily have made some passengers uncomfortable.

“I’m not a nervous flyer per se, and neither were the people I was with thank God, but I think if you are somebody who’s already anxious to get on a flight and you didn’t really necessarily know,” she said.

“I understand seeing a little bit of it with the humidity, but this was like a full fog.

“I think that it could’ve really caused some more insecurities of flying.”

“And then they were saying, ‘Get ready for takeoff,’ and it could have definitely caused anxiety for some people.”

CBS2 showed footage from inside the plane to Alan Yurman, a retired investigator with the US National Transportation Safety Board, who said it was not uncommon for fog to come from vents on a humid day, but added: “I had never seen it that thick before.”

“When the air conditioning system is turned on, and you’ve got cold air meeting whatever the temperature of the cabin was, you start getting condensation,” he said.

Passengers said the fog cleared once the plane got into the air.

Delta Air Lines said the incident had been related to humidity and that it was not required to reported it to the federal Aviation Administration, which regulates civil aviation in the US.

Passenger Amanda Goncalves said cabin crew should have offered an explanation for the fog
Experts said the fog is caused when cold air from the air conditioning hits humidity in the cabin

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