'That’s what people care about!' Liz Truss defends tax cuts in Beth Rigby slap down

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Liz Truss backed her economic agenda of cutting taxes to help Britain’s economy recover in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. In a probe by Sky News’ Beth Rigby, the Prime Minister was confronted with the fact tax cuts will benefit the rich significantly more than the poorer parts of the population. In response, Ms Truss listed the five key areas working people care about.

The Prime Minister defended: “What the people I speak to – and I’ve done a lot of travelling around the country over the past few months – what people care about is: in the town or city I live in, are thee jobs opportunities, are the new businesses investing, does my high street look better than it used to look, are roads being built, can I get mobile phone signal?

“That’s what people care about.

“And that’s what I’m absolutely focused on delivering.”


When pressed on the fact people might think it’s “unfair” for their children to later have to fund those tax cuts, Ms Truss said: “That’s a particular point of view you’re expressing, which is what people on the left of politics often express.

“What I am saying is that by keeping taxes low and growing the economy, we will get more tax revenues in.

“And actually, that will succeed in the long term in bringing the opportunities that people want to see.”

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